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Gluten-free Flour

Gluten-Free Flour 101

Is There A 1:1 Flour Substitution For Wheat Flour? No. Gluten free flours work best in baking (most of the time) when they are used in combination with each other. However, there are some exceptions-...


Restoration Monthly Mar ’16

Although as I write this I'm watching more snowfall, spring is on its way.  I spent the morning purging my kids' snowman paintings, putting out spring décor, and getting my organic seeds and pots...

sugar feeds cancer

Restoration Monthly Feb ’16

Cancer in the U.S. The statistics in the United States on cancer are astounding. If you are male living in the US, your lifetime risk of getting cancer is 1 in 2, females living in...

spinach souffle

Baked Spinach Souffle

This recipe is gluten-free as well as ketogenic therapy approved. Ingredients: Spinach – chopped frozen, thawed & drained Onions – Raw, chopped Heavy Whipping Cream Eggs – raw, mixed Parmesan cheese – grated Olive Oil Directions: This...