Dr. Laura Connor

Dr. Connor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from UW Madison and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University.  Additionally, she holds a diplomate in Clinical Nutrition from the CBCN.  She lives with her husband and three children in Crandon, Wisconsin.

Dr. Connor’s commitment to figuring out the root cause of illness drives her practice. Her drive is a result of experiencing chronic illness as a child and “falling between the cracks” of our modern medicine system.  Dr. Connor’s primary goal is to provide compassionate, complete, restorative care to her patients. She works to identify the root causes of chronic disease and pain through laboratory testing, a thorough patient history, and a complete examination. Her greatest passion is to use chiropractic care and nutrition to transform extremely sick individuals into vibrant, functioning human beings. As a health resource for the community, Dr. Connor is committed to providing affordable, natural health care to all people in need.

[For more from Dr. Laura, go to her blog @ “Dr. Laura Says”]

Dr. Dakota Malzewski

Dr. Dakota Malzewski

Dr. Dakota Malzewski received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She is a member of SORSI, WCA, CSW, and ICA. While attending Palmer, Dr. Dakota was active in the Sigma Phi Chi sorority and interned for Dr. Mitch Mally where she learned and taught specific extremity adjusting, completed a 2-week internship program at a local low-income health care clinic, and spent her final year teaching students as the president of Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT®) Club. She also completed an advanced post-graduate training series in pregnancy and pediatrics with an emphasis on cranial care, awarded to her by Logan University.

Dr. Dakota strongly believes that every person is unique, and must be treated as such, so she blends tools from many chiropractic techniques to tailor her care for each patient. Her techniques include: SOT®, Thompson Drop, Applied Kinesiology, Diversified, Activator Methods, & Gonstead. Dr. Dakota has dedicated her life to studying the body and the intricate ways it is connected. She’s passionate about addressing the whole body, to include organ function, and she looks forward to working with you to resolve your physical issues and return to full health.

Megan Methews

Megan Mathews is a Chiren® practitioner using bio photon light therapy to balance the body’s light frequency. She received her training in Boulder, CO in 2012 from the Health Angel Academy. She believes that restoring the energetic pathways in the body is the key to unlocking healing in the body. Megan and her husband, Seth, have three kids in Rhinelander, WI. She is an avid runner and loves to be out in the sun.

Brooke Lewis

Brooke LewisBrooke Lewis is the Center for Human Restoration’s Medical and Chiropractic Assistant. She graduated from NTC medical assistant educational program in May 2017 at the top of her class. She is also a certified Chiropractic assistant and is able to apply therapeutic ultrasound as well as electrical, thermo and cryotherapies. Brooke is passionate about whole body health and wellness for all ages. Brooke and her husband, Tylor, have two beautiful daughters Grace and Faith, and second to working with people to make a complete recovery, Brooke loves to be outdoors and spend time with her family.

Melody Gryczkowski

Melody Gryczkowski is the Center for Human Restoration’s office manager and she is the first person you meet when you walk in the door. Her passion for her job is fueled by her love of our work, her faith in what we do, her ability to organize anything, and her core belief that everyone deserves health and happiness. She makes everyone feel welcome and at home, and she keeps all of us in line with the mission of our clinic.