As a child, our founder, Dr. Laura Connor, experienced chronic symptoms including chronic digestive upset, achy joints, migrating skin rashes, and headaches. On the surface, they all seemed simple and easy to fix. But, after many doctors and multiple tests, she was diagnosed with ulcers and dermatitis and prescribed skin creams and antacids that never figured out the problem or resolved the issue. Finally, one doctor told her that it was likely all in her head and he sent her to a psychologist.


Being perpetually sick without diagnosis or recovery fueled Dr. Connor’s career. Early on, she knew she wanted to be a doctor who figured out the core issue of an illness. She also knew that she would never tell a physically ill person that it was all in their head. In college, she majored in Biology and began to understand the body and how the systems are connected. In chiropractic school, she studied biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, clinical nutrition, kinesiology, neurology, and endocrinology which solidified her understanding of the body. She learned how we are wired and how the individual systems can be altered to affect the body as a whole. She also began to figure out and resolve her own issues. They were not psychological. In fact, they had a very real explanation: she was exposed to mold. The symptoms were a manifestation of her immune system trying to fight off mold. It was not in her head. It was not anxiety. It was an oversight by doctors who didn’t look for mold because they were not taught to look for mold and didn’t understand the ways that mold can affect the body.


At The Center for Human Restoration, we are dedicated to providing thorough, compassionate care that leaves no stone unturned. Finding the root cause makes healing possible. At The Center For Human Restoration, we discover the root cause of illness to help you heal.